“We have been serving our clients for more than 10 years now, and have been one of the most trusted and appreciated manufacturers of wholesale handmade soaps & cosmetics in Latvia.


You must avoid soaps made with perfume oils, identical oils or fragrance oil; they are all different names of Synthetic Fragrance Oils. These oils don’t only pollute our environment but they are very dangerous for the health of your skin as well. Just because soap has a name sounding like botanical, it never means that the soap comes directly from the plants. Most of the commercial soaps that are available on our stores today, contain rose, lemon verbena, vanilla, sandalwood or jasmine, and all of them are actually made with synthetic scents because the Real Essential Oils are not only rear, but expensive as well. It is highly recommended to use only natural soaps that are made with essential oils to ensure a healthy skin and lifestyle.
Our Handmade soap making process contains absolutely no external heating and only the slow-cold process is adapted. This ensures that natural ingredients and their benefits are preserved in their original form. We are sure that once you try our handmade soaps, you will stop using the commercial soaps for good.”

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