Hello guys!

Recently I discovered Ceano Cosmetics and I would like to share with you my experience with their natural and handmade cosmetics line.

The company is a renowned wholesale supplier, exporter and manufacturer of bath and body cosmetic products and Handmade Natural Luxury Soap. The company bases in Latvia (Europe) and all of its products, including wholesale handmade soaps and other wholesale handmade cosmetic products are manufactured using the purest quality oils, dried plants and natural extracts.

The product line consists of Handmade Soaps, Bath bombs, Face cream, Cleansing foam, Sunblock Face Cream, Lip balsam, Anti ageing cream, Aromatic floral water, Body cream, Hand cream, Massage oil, Body milk, Body salt cream scrub, Body sugar scrub, Salt & oil body scrub, Body yoghurt, Body butter, Chocolate mask, Moisturizing body gel, Foot care, Shower gel, Shower oil, Liquid soap, Shower mousse and much more.

Personally i prefer products and especially cosmetics made of natural ingredients, full of  vitamins and herbal extracts.                                           If you have any questions – feel free to ask and leave your comment.

My best regards, Valenti

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